Dune: part 2

Hi Everyone, it’s Nate.

Yesterday I went to see a movie I had been looking forward to for more than two years–Dune: Part 2. I started looking forward to it the moment Dune: Part 1 finished. I think the director, Denis Villeneuve, has done a masterful(とても上手く)job of adapting(映画化) the classic science fiction novel to the screen. 

My copy of the 1st Dune novel. I love the cover art of this edition!

Not only has Villeneuve faithfully (丁寧に)followed the book, he has done a great job making the movie look and sound AMAZING. The music and sound production make the film very powerful(迫力がある). I really recommend seeing these movies if you like science fiction. (Try to see in IMAX if possible!)

The original book was published in 1965, and went on to become a seminal work (精力的な作品)of science fiction. Dune holds the title for the world’s best-selling science fiction novel(世界一売れたSF小説). I’ll give a brief summary (要約)of the first book, which is what the two movies I mentioned above depict. (日本語で読みたい人は「こちら」からウィキペディアへ飛びます。)

The first book takes place 20,000 years in the future(2万年も未来の設定). A noble family (貴族)–the House of Atreides–is ordered to take control of the desert (砂漠)planet Arrakis by the Emperor(天皇). Arrakis is very important as the only source of the mysterious ‘spice(香料),’ which makes deep space travel possible(遠距離宇宙航行を可能にする). Taking over the harvest of spice could make the House of Atreides extremely rich. However, the emperor ordered(命令した)the Atreides go to Arrakis to make it easier to kill them. The emperor helps the long-time rival(敵)family of House Atreides, the Harkonnens, eliminate(殺害する)everyone in the Atreides family. 

There was one problem, though. Although the Harkonnens destroy the army of House Atreides and even kill Duke(大公)Leto Atreides, the Duke’s son, Paul, and his mother, Jessica, escape(逃げる). Together, they find the illusive(幻想的な) Fremen people (Fremen族)who are the natives of the planet(もともとArrakisにいた民族). The Fremen have mastered living in the desert regions that outsiders all believe to be uninhabitable(住めない所). They also know how to harness(使用する)the power of the deadliest (最も強力な)power on the planet: the giant sandworms(巨大な砂虫). The Fremen believe that Paul is a savior(メシア・救助者) that was prophesied (予言した)in their religion. Paul becomes their leader and eventually leads them to take back control of their planet. 

This is what the sandworms of Arrakis look like. They are dangerous!




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