Late Admissions by Glenn Loury

Hello Everyone!

昨日Glenn Loury(グレン・ラウリー)教授の自伝「Late Admissions: Confessions of a Black Conservative」を読み終えました。



  1. I was born in … = ...に生まれました。I was born in St. Louis, Missouri in the USA.
  2. I was born on … = (日にち)に生まれました。I was born on April 5th, 1998. 
  3. I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. = 弟が一人と、妹が二人います。
  4. I grew up in … = ...で育ちました。I grew up in the St. Louis suburbs(郊外)
  5. (1と4を合わせて)I was born and raised in… = ...セントルイスで生まれ育ちました。 I was born and raised in St. Louis.
  6. Growing up, I (simple past verb)… = 子供の頃、絵を描くことが好きでした。/ 子供の頃、柔道と憲法を練習しました。= Growing up, I liked drawing pictures. / Growing up, I practiced judo and kenpo. 
  7. In school, I liked (科目)= 学校では、...が好きでした。In school, I liked history and Japanese. 
  8. In college, I majored in (科目)=大学で...を専攻しました。In college, I majored in international business. 
  9. After college, my first job was … = 大学を卒業して最初の仕事は...でした。After college, my first job was teaching English in Japan. 
  10. In … I my first son / daughter was born. = ~年に、長男・長女が生まれてきました。
  11. These days I work at … as a(n) ___. = 最近は、Nate’s Englishで英会話教師として働いています。These days, I work as an English conversation teacher at Nate’s English. (赤と青の順番を逆しても構わない)
  12. In my free time I enjoy (名詞) / (動名詞). = 暇なときは、___を楽しみます。In my free time, I enjoy nature / mystery novels. / In my free time, I enjoy reading / exercising / playing the guitar



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