Beautiful Autumn (英語)

Hi Everyone, it’s Nate.

Over the weekend the weather was so nice, so I wanted to get out of the house. I decided to take a bike ride. 

First, I went to Hiedano. I went over by Yunohana Onsen and Jinzouji. Then I headed over toward Kameoka Sports Park. On the way, I passed by Obata Shrine and all the interesting old houses around it. Next, I crossed over the Inukai River and rode on the path that runs along the river in Kameoka Sports Park. I noticed that all the big cherry trees on the path had lost their leaves. (I hope they are okay!) When I got to the end of the path, I turned right on Route 372 and, at the bottom of the hill, I noticed a road to my right that goes behind the Sports Park stadium. I was planning to go home, but I thought 「冒険しよう」and started down the road. I came to the area near Anaoji.

I don’t know the place’s name. It was my first time there. It was so pretty. There was a gentle breeze and the sun was warm, but not hot. There were lots of rice fields that had already been cut. The rice stalks were standing up in bundles that looked like teepees (下記の絵を参考にして下さい). On the edges of the fields were bright red higanbana. There were some people there to take pictures with big, professional cameras. 

This is a Native American teepee.


I love this time of year. I love the colors: the golden rice fields, the red higanbana, the dark green mountains, the pure white herons walking in the fields or flying, the bright blue sky, and the white clouds. 

What do you like about the fall?

Here are some pictures.


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  1. Atsuko Yasui より:

    They’re all beautiful pictures!
    The fall is my best season, especially November is my favorite
    because it’s not hot and no farming any more so I have my own
    I love the fall very much!!!
    Thank you .


    1. Nate's English より:

      Glad you liked the pictures, Atsuko. Thank you! November sounds like a nice time of the year for you since you get to relax.

  2. Michiko Shikata より:

    What beautiful sights they are!
    I also like autumn best.
    Blue sky, green grasses, yellow rice fields and red fire lilies (Higanbana ), the colors are bright and clear.
    You had a wonderful adventure, didn’t you?
    I hope you can enjoy the beautiful season more and more.

    1. Nate's English より:

      Thanks, Michiko! Yes, every time I go for a ride on my bike is an adventure to me. I always see something interesting! I hope you enjoy this fall, too!


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