Some, Any, Every:どんな違い?

Hi Everybody. It’s Nate. 





  • I need some new clothes. 
  • Is there any milk left? 


  • I need some flour.     Do you have any flour?
  • Sorry, I don’t have any flour. (NOT Sorry I don’t have some flour.)




  • Could I have some more mashed potatoes, please? 
  • Would you like some of my famous potato salad?



肯定文でも、限定する言葉や否定の意味がある言葉―例えば:never; hardly; without; little―の後に「any」を使うことがあります。

  • There’s never any food in this house!
  • There’s hardly any cake left.
  • The boy answered all the questions without any help.
  • I got so little sleep last night, I didn’t want to do any exercise today. 


「any」= It doesn’t matter who/which/what (どれ・誰でも良い)


  • Ask any doctor–they’ll tell you that alcohol is a poison.
  • I’ll take any job I can get.
  • “When should I come?”  “Any time on Sunday is fine.”




  • If you need some/any help, let me know. 




  • Any / Every child can learn to swim. 


  • “Which newspaper would you like?”  “It doesn’t matter, any one is fine.” → 「A」か「B」か「C」でも良い。(NOT Every one
  • The newsstand had newspapers of every kind. →「A」と「B」と「C」。(NOT newspapers of any kind)


それではSome, any, and every は以上です。これでこれらの言葉の意味や使い分け方がもう少し理解出来たらと思います。もし不明な点や質問がありましたら、皆の参考になりますので是非コメントで聞いてください!


メールアドレスが公開されることはありません。 が付いている欄は必須項目です


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